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  Nicolas Dextraze c67d0d25a2
Merge pull request #102 from PrestaShopCorp/fixShuffle 1 year ago
  maniolias 5bc2aaa093 refactor: delete unused code 1 year ago
  maniolias 401f6c3190 fix(shuffle): fix shuffle methode for array with length <= 1 1 year ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 40736d9da3 relese version to 0.2.17 1 year ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 853ae875b8
Merge pull request #101 from PrestaShopCorp/feature/cluster 1 year ago
  maniolias da6d059547 feat(cluster): create way to test single/gossip/cluster 1 year ago
  maniolias e9834daa31 feat(tcp): add timeout when trying to connect to a TCP endpoint 1 year ago
  maniolias f79a0444f6 feat(cluster): rewrite cluster discovering 1 year ago
  Nicolas Dextraze eb56e077f9
Merge pull request #95 from aliabbasjaffri/HA-Cluster-Connectivity-Issue 1 year ago
  Ali Abbas Jaffri 11f882501f 🐛 Adding object reference to externalTcpIp: Solves locating cluster via gossip seeds 1 year ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 195a6d40ce Attempt at fixing Typescript dependencies issues 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 55b9ddd856 Minor improvement to protobuf isolation 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze fe82aebfec Fix #91 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 3f7798d46e Update package-lock.json and yarn.lock 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 6ad2d34114 Added some more tests around RecordedEvent properties type 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 67dab18d53 Fixed Buffer deprecated warnings when using node >= v10 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 78677ba53e Add missing created to RecordedEvent typescript definition 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze bbf25ee8b5 Update dev dependencies 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 732b691e40 Move typescript dependencies back to dev 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 941f671ed2 Fix missing warn in Loggers 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 343eaa85df
Merge pull request #86 from MajorBreakfast/patch-1 2 years ago
  Josef Brandl e0fcf9a72d
Make type definition of expectedVersion match implementation 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 02642c5cfb Fix appendToStream with expectedVersion any and same event not working due to protobufjs bug 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze d64f181dbb release version 0.2.12 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 9e31b17c44
Merge pull request #80 from jdextraze/jdextraze/simple-queued-handler-log-issue 2 years ago
  Jonathan Dextraze 4ae4c1e010 Fix error with logging in SimpleQueuedHandler handler 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 76a405ace2 Publish version 0.2.11 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 930b900426
Merge pull request #78 from Poimen/fix-issue-76 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 934251d7fa
Merge pull request #77 from Poimen/fix-issue-75 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 1449b43b8d Fix missing = in delete uri 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 2f4850680f Fix incorrect variables used after undefined removal 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 8f68923008 Remove undefine's check as the options will need to be provided anyways... 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 8e54a22cd2 Fix uri for reset 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 6663b42903 Fix sendDelete call to provide empty data so header is correct 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard ad8d16d112 Fix documentation 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard bebd04a398 Fix client endpoint used 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 4d981596eb Fix typings for delete (there is no deleteQuery) in projection manager 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 7ccced45aa Add reset endpoint 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 88df807508 Update documentation for strict-event-emitter-types dependency 2 years ago
  Richard Shephard 35f720f94f Added extra parameters to delete projections 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 6d49f51e7d fix issue #74 - projections manager create continuous trackEmittedStreams parameter should be lowercase 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze d8baed4c5d fix issue #73 - move types dependencies from dev dependencies so they install for dependant 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 7e5327c278 Published version 0.2.10 and moved types dependencies to devDependencies 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze bb53c01fe8
Merge pull request #69 from sebastianneb/68-debug 2 years ago
  Neb, Sebastian 20818869f1 Fix for issue #68 by using self._log_debug instead of this._log.debug 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 16f172c6f2
Merge pull request #66 from Ulrikop/ts-declarations 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 7db060af6e Removed some console 2 years ago
  Nicolas Dextraze 2c272a19f5
Merge pull request #67 from JurJean/remove-subscription-started-log 2 years ago
  Jur Jean 7dc4658719 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:nicdex/node-eventstore-client into remove-subscription-started-log 2 years ago
  Jur Jean 811368c1af Removed the console log about subscription started 2 years ago